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Meathead Media brings you a heaping serving of authentic and genuine meathead activity that is sure to give you some laughs and insight into the current thing that has meatheads talking!

I’ve felt that I’ve needed an outlet to speak about things I find interesting. As of now, this mainly consists of sports, fitness, and personal growth. Together, with my brother, we have come up with this name as that outlet.

Meathead Monday’s will be a thing. We will have a long term podcast type content branch while also making short form content with it. At least for me personally, listening to a full length podcast is not something that I have often do, so I will be catering to the short form enjoyers as well.

I hope you are at least 10% as excited as I am for this venture and I hope to be launching soon with Episode 1! Below is the outline I have created for this.

Meathead Media

Twitter: @meatheadmedia 

Episode 1: Meathead Media Mania Begins!

  • Biggest moments/takes of the football season – UW expert analysis, Me triggered about losing 44-6 to UofA, our shitty fantasy teams
  • College football doesn’t make sense sometimes
  • Thoughts on basketball season
  • Workouts
  • How our jobs are going
  • Grizzly Versus Tiger
  • Future Plans/Guests – Think Slug should be our first guy