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Where the name “Hidden Bars” came from

I haven’t thought about this in a while, so this is bringing back some nostalgia. Sometime in 2017, I downloaded an app called RapChat. On that app, there were beats. I’m unable to find that first beat that I’m about to reference. It would be super cool if I could. But anyway, at some point in the intro, I wrote the line “I got Hidden Bars which I’m finna show ya.”

It was quite the feeling when I decided upon that name. “Finally Here” being the first song an artist ever releases was quite artistic and telling because I’m still here 6 years later!

The reason I started making music was the belief that I could. Putting together my thoughts into music form is far more effective than my words. While “Finally Here” was released in September of 2017, I had been working on the beat from the start of the summer at some point. Day in and day out, I would tinker with that beat in LMMS. At the time, I liked bass heavy instrumentals. At some point during the production at that beat, I put 808’s on and turned them all the way up! That is what creates that sound on the song! That was the only beat I produced for years. I began networking on Instagram and found producers I still work with today.

Something I should’ve done more of. As of 11/06/2023, Finally Here has 69 likes!

Trapshack, Tongues Out, You’re Mistaken, Trap at Midnight

These were songs were my follow ups to Finally here, all created in 2017, though I released Trap at Midnight in January for some reason.

Trapshack I had hyped up at my high school but I had messed up big time with my friend Vulcan Vlogs verse, and my attempts to mend the mistake made it worse!

Tongues Out for me was like woah, I have this platform now, I’m gonna say whatever I want!

You’re Mistaken was a message to anyone hating and also a message to myself.

Trap at Midnight was the first song produced by my friend Evan from Colorado, and he is still a great friend I hope to visit him one day!